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Hyi Lim is a fashion engineer, pattern maker and creator with over  45 years experience.  Hyi was formerly a chief designer at the prestigious London Fog company, in charge of designing its premier line of women's raincoats.  Later, he co-founded Johnstown Corporation which has several businesses, including 2her2him, Brides and Grooms, Inc. and 77Greencleaners.  Hyi also has a very popular YouTube channel, Sewing Education Center, which has over 3500 subscribers and tutorials with over 100,000 views.

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One of Hyi's most popular videos is the Blue Jean "Magic" Hem tutorial which has earned a huge following and fanbase on YouTube.  His original tutorial had over 780,000 views and was so popular that he remade, shooting it in HD video and with more detailed instructions.  Version 2 quickly became viral and to date has over 150,000 views.  Check it out here.

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